LifeWise Kitchen Shoot – A Few Quick Tips

Every few months I shoot these delicious recipes for a client of mine and these lovely pictures were just posted. Seeing it now everything looks great but going into this shoot I was a little uncertain how I was going to make 12 images out of a four step recipe.

To remedied the situation we worked as a team to brainstorm ways to bulk out our shot list. First we made certain to have real salmon so that we could dice and dust multiple pieces, we separated each of our ingredients into different shots and then we carefully selected props that could help tie the images together and create extra shots. Finally, we added the simple salad to the final image for color.

My biggest take aways were this:

  1. Rely on your team and work together. A few minds are always better than one!
  2. Plan, plan, plan! Because we had the pre-shoot brainstorming session we had a grilll on hand and an extra long salmon to cut.

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